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Martin County High School Class of 1982

30-Year Class Reunion Wall

Eat Me!

Got something to say?  Got a message you’re hoping will reach a classmate with whom you’ve lost touch?  Got an announcement you want to broadcast to the entire class?  Here’s where you can do it.


  1. SteveEllison says:

    Great job all around by everyone on this site and with all those pics!!! Wish I could have attended more than just the Pub Crawl yet it was great to see everyone. Just wanted to take a sec to say… thank you! :)

  2. SteveEllison says:

    Pretty funny…. I see some personality traits are never diminished. I shall sit ring side… eat my popcorn & watch the action. Ding….ding…

  3. Jim LoPilato says:

    Ok folks. As we get closer to the reunion date I am sure you are all getting pretty excited to see me again. Well I assure you I am as approachable as I ever was. So make sure you overcome your apprehension and bask in my glow when you see me.

  4. Phil Attey says:

    This is likely to be our last planning committee conference call before the big weekend, June 15-17, 2012.
    All the heavy lifting regarding plans for the Reunion are behind us, but please join us for the call, where we'll be fine tuning event logistics, exploring ways to ensure we've tracked down every classmate, and opening up the discussion for last minute ideas for side events and fun stuff.
    Please RSVP "Attending" if you can join us for the conference call and follow these instructions for logging in:
    Thursday May 10, 2011 – 8:00 PM Eastern
    Dial (712) 432-3066
    When prompted for the conference ID, enter 307312
    To listen to the audio recording from the last call, go to:
    We hope you'll join us for the call and that you'll will forward this event notice to any of our classmates who would like to be involved.

  5. Phil Attey says:

    Lop,  two words:  BRING IT!  :-)

  6. Jim LoPilato says:

    Take That Kaiser Attey

  7. Jim LoPilato says:

    Respect my Author-i-tay
    This is a great tool. I can now pontificate freely and you will actually feel compelled to read it.

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